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Tandem trailers – Specifics and what to look for when buying Buy single or two-axle?

The overall conclusion about the single or two-axle tandem trailers is that the two-axle ones are more robust. Hence the axle is used to support the wheels of the vehicle or trailer and the lack of one will make the wheels not fixed and not to be able to remain into their position so they […]

Prevost motor homes, the wonder car that comes up with attractive amenities

Prevost motor home owner has gained the privilege of being the best manufacturer of Class A motor homes. The name of this vehicle signifies luxury and comfort when you will take it on road. For road trips nothing can beat Prevost vehicles. The manufacturers evolve new and innovative features in almost all vehicles so that […]

Experience a new style of living and superior performance with Millennium Motor homes

Millennium Motor homes is one of the largest converters of Custom Prevost motor homes. It was founded in the year 2001 and private owned. Millennium has more than 85 employees and manufacturing luxury coaches in Central Florida. It is known for innovation, this Millennium leads the way in adopting latest technology and advancement into each […]

Marathon motor homes – get the ultimate feel of luxury and comfort

Marathon motor home is a popular name in RV industry that signifies luxury and comfort. This luxury vehicle industry has been founded in the year 1983 and has become popular for producing the first custom designed recreational vehicle. Custom designed vehicles are equipped with all types of exciting features and amenities like air conditioner, TV, […]

What to remember when selling an RV privately

Selling an RV is not a simple task. You need to consider a few things before putting the vehicle up for resale. Opting for a dealer might appear simple but the dealer’s fee might set you back by a few thousand dollars. Meanwhile, selling your RV privately might seem a tad time consuming but it […]