Now It Is the Time to Grab the Best Deals for New Caravan

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We all think of taking some time off from our busy schedule and plan a vacation to get some fresh air to ease our mind. Planning includes booking a hotel, checking the food that is available and also to see what will be the cost of travelling.  All this will require huge bucks and if your family is also accompanying you that the money for the vacation than you has to spend more money. When you are travelling, the food, which is made available to you, may not be suitable to your health. In that case, you can get sick, and you probably don’t want this to happen. Motor caravan is the solutions. Motor caravan offers living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine. They are available in varied sizes; it has a sleeping accommodation for two to eight people, and there is a kitchen where you can prepare your food and the cost of travelling also becomes less. Motor caravans can be regarded as your home on wheels. In countries like U.K., U.S, Canada, etc.,. motor caravans are permanent dwelling of some people.

Raymond James Caravans has a display of the enticing range of new touring caravans from the UK’ leading manufacturers Elddis, Buccaneer, Bailey and Coachman caravans. Here Best Deal for Motor caravans is available. The Motor caravans range from 13,000-30,000 Euros’.  With over 120 years combined industry experience, we, the Midlands team strives to be friendly, helpful and always ready to assist you. In the case of further query, you can simply contact Raymond James Caravans by calling or emailing the company from the details on their website.

Eddlis tourist caravan complete new range is available. In Britain, each Eddlis is carefully manufactured by the dedicated team members to your utmost satisfaction. Eddlis also give you a warranty of 10 years Body-shell integrity.

New 2015 Eddlis Caravan sees a reduction in weight because of the new technologies. The new caravans are also incorporated into unparalleled specifications, luxurious, awe-inspiring with high quality. Eddie provides three different varieties of caravans. They are:-

  • Avante
  • Crusader
  • Affinity

Avante is a range of contemporary and cool layouts. Seven different models available are Avante 462, Avante 540, Avante 550, Avante 564, Avante 574, Avante 576 and Avante 636.

Crusader is one where we find groundbreaking level of quality. Models available are Crusader Shamal, Crusader Mistral, Crusader Super cyclone, Crusader Storm and Crusader Tempest.

Affinity is a classic style. Models available are Affinity 482, Affinity 530, Affinity 540, Affinity 550, Affinity 554 and Affinity.

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