Understand the geared motor in a much better way

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What are gear motors?

Gear motors are just a combination of DC electric motor and a gearbox. The combination of gear reducer system and motor is what geared motor is all about. They are mostly used to lower the speed of the motor and increase the torque output. You can see them in clocks and even heavy machines in industries, in cranes, lifts etc.

The design of every motor gear is different. Geared motor manufacturers generally keep in mind the single casing of motor gears. The casing comprises of gears and motor for precise engineering. Motor gears need to be perfect in their functions and application, which is the reason why they are engineered with skilled engineers. Today most of the geared motors are manufactured for industrial applications with AC power. They comprise of fixed speed gears and come in variable speed gear motors, which provide higher degree configuration along with the power and torque control. On the other hand there are even the DC gear motors used for vehicles and other moving applications like that of pulleys, windscreen wipers etc.

How to choose the right geared motor?

Gear motor is complex machinery and there are different types of gear motors of the highest quality, efficiency and precision. To choose the best one from the geared motor manufacture is most important. You have to first determine the application and its requirements. There can be many changes in it as the applications may be different. Manufacturers can help you guide the right one with the perfect specifications and features. The geared motor manufacturers will also modify it according to the need.

Selecting the motor type is the next type that you will have to check. Again the application here is important too. The motor reference guide will come in handy and is available at all the manufactures.

Thirdly, it is important to match speed and the torque output for gear motor. The pull up toque should match the requirements. Besides the power needed and the design is of greater significance too. There are other factors that help to choose the right geared motor for your applications. The operation principle is taken into consideration. Most synchronous AC electric motors comprise ranges of 1,200 to 3,600 revolutions per minute. Geared motors have different speed torque specifications like normal and stall – speed. These motion force systems comprise of easy to install parts and come in a complete package.

Applications of geared motors:

Washing machines, stair lifts, electromechanical clocks, cake mixers, clamping, conveyance, jacks, robotics, power drills, and many others. The application is wide and so is the variety that we find in the market.

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