How much is your rv worth? things to know before you sell your used vehicle

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It can be extremely difficult to part ways with your on-wheels friend that has been your home for years but what good can come from a motor home when you’re not using it? If you’re considering selling your used recreational vehicle (RV), now is the perfect time because unlike real estate, the value of your rig is not going to increase with time. Wondering how to sell your RV? You can either sell it yourself or contact a dealer to sell it on your behalf.

No matter what you choose to go with, it’s more important to know the worth of your RV first in order to fetch the right price. Here’re some things you can do to prepare yourself:

Determine the selling price: In order to avoid underselling, determine the selling price of the rig based on fair market value (FMV). Among all the sources, the website of National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is considered the most reliable one. The trick is to find a fair market price. Once you find your model and select the specifications on the website, consider an amount that is somewhere between the low retail price and average retail price.

Get a vehicle history report: A vehicle history report (VHR) is a document that offers detailed information such as car title check, accident history, and vehicle maintenance records. You can easily obtain this detailed report from any verified company. If you have the VHR ready, it can establish immediate credibility with potential buyers. Prospects will consider you trustworthy, as you’re being open with the current state of your motor home. This will help sell your RV at a good price.

Consider a smog check: If you’re a resident of a state that has strict rules on emission testing, take your RV to undergo a smog inspection. Getting a recent inspection along with a renewed registration will put your motor home in the good books of potential buyers, especially if they reside in the same state and abide by similar road rules. This will mean that your RV is in a good working order, and that’s good news for you, too.

Keep all documents ready: This one is a no-brainer, but most RV sellers get this wrong and a result, do not get the deserving value by selling their used RV. Make sure you have every document since the time of the purchase. Possession of all the documents will make you a responsible seller in the eyes of prospective buyers, and they won’t try to bargain against the quoted price.

Even if you’re not selling the motor home yourself, getting these points fixed will ease the work of the dealers, and they will try harder to quote the best price possible on the rig. Know your vehicle’s worth before you plan how to sell your RV to prospective buyers. If the vehicle is in proper working order, it’s guaranteed to give you a good return.

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