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Truck Breakdown Repair – Ontario
We specialize in providing and coordinating high-quality mobile truck, trailer and coach roadside assistance 24/7 repair services throughout the U.S. and Canada at competitive and fair prices. In addition, our own mechanical repair mobile truck serving in southern Ontario, Canada.

Some are from our 24-hour Emergency truck trailer Repair Breakdown service, onsite repairs Trailer & Coach, roadside trucks, trailers & Coach Repairs, mobile tire service, Truck Towing & Recovery Services, boost services and on-site refueling services.

Tires are one of the most important features of your cars, trucks, trailers, usually one of the most ignored. It is a fact that bothers when you consider – how your

vehicle reacts in:

its ride quality
fuel consumption
and the noise on the road passed

All of which is effected by the tyres that you have fitted and the grip that they have on the road (just to make you a little nervous – remember that the foot-print of

a tire is slightly larger that a mans hand …)

There are some basic steps you can take to make sure your tires are in a safe operating condition.

Always keep the pressure of the tire pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and published in your manual or on the vehicle plate that is attached to your

cars, trucks, trailers.
Normally on the driver’s door or back door (Japanese based vehicles)
Some will have under the hood,
Some even on the back of the fuel filler door (European vehicles)
Tire pressure should be checked at-least once a fortnight, when they are cold – if you note that the pressure is down by more than 35 kPa (5 psi.) We have to consult

the tire expert.
Never check tire pressures when they are hot – (. 5 psi) expands air and may give a reading increase of up to 35 kPa.
Do not forget to check the spare tire.
If your car develops a “shaking”, when you increase the speed, there could be a problem and requires a correction. This can only be a wheel balance (normally driving

in tremor and then drive you out of it as your speed increases). This can be done at your local store Beaurepaires in half an hour and records damaged suspension

components and steering.
A wheel alignment is essential for even tire wear that will give your tires a longer life and should be done once a year or every 12000 km. Although the tires are not

the fault (they are simply presented to the road on the wrong angle) it is very correctable km and adds to your life tires.
These simple tips will help you increase tire life and reduce costs and stress!

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