Things You Must Know About RV TV Signal Boosters, Antennas and Satellite Receivers

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People who love to own a recreational vehicle do not always opt for a brand new one equipped with high-end entertainment systems. However, considering the advancement of TV and satellite technology over the last few years, opting for a modern RV entertainment system makes much sense. The TV signal boosters, antennas and satellite receivers are some of the most important components of an RV’s entertainment system. Here is what you must know about them before you start looking at the RVs for sale by owners.

TV Signal Booster

You can find the TV signal booster near your television. There is a coax cable that runs from the television and enters the booster. It gets the signal from the antenna. The signal works with the help of 12-volt DC electricity. It also has a red indicator and a switch to show that the device is on. If you do not have a first-rate signal booster or if the device is not turned on, you won’t get quality reception.

TV Antenna

You will have to mount the RV television antenna on the vehicle’s roof. You need to crank the handle up to get the desired signal. You need to fix the handle on the ceiling to make it functional. Point the antenna toward the TV station you would like to watch. However, when you are leaving camp, make sure that you lower the antenna. That’s because it is made of lightweight plastic pieces and aluminum tubing. If you forget to lower the antenna, one jolt from a low bridge or a tree branch is enough to damage the same. This is the reason your RV’s antenna should be stowed when you are driving the vehicle. Stow the antenna in the right way. Point it in the accurate direction as shown by an arrow close to the hand crank. Make sure that you center it properly. If not done in the right way, the antenna will draw back, and will probably break off when you try to lower it.

Satellite Receiver

When you are traveling full-time in your recreational vehicle, make sure that you take the satellite receiver with you. You will get built-in motion RV satellite, but it comes at a high price. Go for it if your budget permits. You can install the satellite antenna on a pole fastened to the ladder on the backside of your recreational vehicle. Try to find the signal. You will have to try a couple of times. Once you are done, it takes only a few minutes to dial-in the satellite every night while parking your vehicle. You can also opt for a portable antenna tripod. Set the tripod on the ground and stabilize it. You can use something as simple as heavy containers to do the job. A water-filled milk jug (say, one gallon) makes an excellent choice. You need to hang the jug inside the tripod center. The weight of the jug will prevent it from overturning due to the wind.

If RV-ing is all about fun, entertainment systems only add to the whole experience. Hence, you should take a closer look at these elements when looking at the RVs for sale by owner ads. It will help you learn how to use them and get high-definition picture when watching your favorite show on the go.

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