Reasons suppliers give in favour of franking machine installation

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Majority of small and medium sized companies prefer the manual process of stamping over franked stamps. The initial cost of installing them becomes an intimidating factor. But reputed suppliers of franking machine give reasons which are strong enough to convince anybody that purchasing franking machines is a wise decision.

Here we bring a list of reasons companies like FP, Neopost and Frama give in favor of purchasing a franking machine. Read on and you will get inspired to upgrade your perspectives!

  • Lots of money is saved

The first important thing companies will experience after buying franking machines is that there is no  further need of investing money after the initial installation cost. The equipment practically does not need any maintenance as such. The investment in manpower gets reduced to less than half, but the productivity gets boosted to more than double the percentage that was possible in manual method. In addition, the unit price of franked stamps is about 40% less in comparison to conventional stamps.

  • Waiting time gets reduced

The companies who have still stuck onto the manual method of stamping will definitely agree that waiting in long queues  for purchasing stamps is a bothersome and time-consuming process. But those who have purchased franking machines can consider themselves as lucky. This is because they are totally exempted from the tedious process of waiting behind long queues to buy stamps. They can take the help of online platform to buy franked stamps anytime and from anywhere they want. 

  • Government encouragement is a certainty

Who doesn’t want to get government benefits by availing some discounts? The businesses that intend to buy and install franking machines of branded make in their workplaces can earn a considerable amount of government discount for purchasing franking machines. This is another reason to buying branded franking machines indirectly leads to reduction in the initial installation charge of this smart equipment.

  • Complementary after sales service

Those who have thought of buying franking machines and rejected the idea every time thinking that post-purchase servicing of this equipment will require additional investment should change their notions right away. In this context, if the branded franking machines like Neopost, Pitney Bowes, etc. are specifically considered then it will be found that they have a higher price tag in comparison to non-branded machines. Now a closer scrutiny into the matter will reveal that the money that is paid for purchasing these franking machines include charges for yearly or quarterly maintenance, repair, servicing, technical assistance, and other such investments. Thus, a business owner will be exempted from paying anything extra if there is minor fault in the machine. However, replacements and graver problems will signify additional repairing cost.

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