Important tips what to look for when buying a used rv

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Buying a used motor home can be a little bit scarier than the risk that comes up with buying a used travel trailer. With a used RV or motor home, you are making a large investment. Therefore, it is very important that you know exactly what you are getting while you are looking for a used motor home to buy.

Mostly parked motor home decrease in value:

The one common problem with most used recreational vehicle is that they spend a good part of their time setting still. Some of the RVs spend 10 to 11 months of the year in storage. They only come out for few weeks in the middle of the summer. Because of their limited use, it is not surprising to see many used RVs on sales lot. So, you need to make the selection very carefully. However, internal components of engine, brakes, transmission can be replaces if it is required. Moreover, RVs are more or less designed with 100,000 mile lifetime expectation, you can be sure that it will go for many years to come. So, you can buy used RV without any second thought.

You should make it sure that each and every parts of the vehicle should be in good condition. It is important that the inner workings get put through their paces on a fairly regular basis. That is why it is said that leaving a motor home unused and parked is one of the most damaging things you can do. So, don’t keep your vehicle unused.

Location matters a lot:

The degree to which time has affected a particular vehicle depends greatly on where it is parked for months unused. For example, if your motor home most of its time buried in snow while parked in the yard, then your investment has already started to slip away. More time parked and less time used will result in a motor vehicle being worth very little. Moreover, parking a motor home on grass results in moisture wicked up into the rig, rusting it from the bottom up. Brakes will become stiff, frames will rot away and floors will become spongy. After a few years you will find that your motor home will pretty much be worthless.

On the other hand, a motor home that has been left out or parked in the Sun will have a faded and chalky exterior. The interior area of the vehicle will be sun bleached and brittle from ultraviolet rays. Plastic will become brittle and thus it will give a dull yellow color to the vehicle.

Some more important things which you must look for in a used motor home:

Is the interior clean?

Are the fabrics pliable and crisp?

Are the colors crisp and bright?

When you first start the motor home, do you observe a small cloud of blue smoke that clears away quickly? This is just an indication of leaking valve guide seals and excessive oil consumption.

Always look for signs of leakage at the seam between the transmission and engine. Any sign of red indicates a transmission front seal leak. The only way to clear any leakage is to disassemble and replace it. Never go for a temporary fix, except in an emergency situation.

These are some of the important tips which you must consider whenever you buy used RV.

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