Tips To Sell Your Dated Rig This Winter

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Many people wouldn’t even think of putting their home-on-wheel on listing sites during the winter months; that is exactly why you should. While many assume that finding buyers could be difficult at this point of the year, that isn’t necessarily the case. In many parts of the USA, January and February are the prime months for selling pre-owned recreational vehicles (RV). As a bonus, you will enjoy less competition since there are usually fewer rigs in the market. Shoppers seeking used units start researching well before the start of spring break so they’re ready to hit the road when the next camping season starts. If you are saying to yourself that ‘this is high time to sell my RV online’, winter is the time to get started. Here are three simple strategies that you can try to sell your mobile home quickly during the winter doldrums:

Create a Cozy Interior:

When the mercury drops well below 50 degree Fahrenheit, your prospects will feel inclined to spend more time inside the vehicle, rather than staying outside for too long, inspecting the exterior. It is, therefore, important to give the interior a warm, cozy look. Remove the clutter, replace the dated draperies with new, vibrant ones, and vacuum clean the floors, windows, beds, seats and carpets. Sprinkle some color with vibrant flower arrangements, table covers and throw pillows. Light up a few candles to add to the warmth. And yes, do not forget to turn on the heater well in advance to welcome your visitors inside a coach, which is bright and warm.

Make Sure Appliances Are In Good Health:

Some minor repair works can go a long way to fetch you a good price for your dated rig. When you are selling your home-on-wheels in the winter, you need to pay special attention to those parts or appliances that are more frequently needed during this season. Change furnace filters, replace old insulating materials with the new ones, and use the right chemical solutions to prevent pipes from getting frozen. If fixing some of these objects help you sell it for a better price, it makes sense to invest in those repairs.

Rightly Target Your Customers:

Targeting the right buyer is a factor that can help you sell your RV with ease. In some parts of the country, you may sell your RV faster if you actively market it in winter. These include the warmer states in the south such as Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. Many RV parks in these regions cater to these travel enthusiasts with extended stay discounts. Simply drive to one such location in your vicinity and park your rig with a ‘For Sale’ tag on it and enjoy all the attention.

If the question ‘how to sell my RV online’ popped in your mind recently, we suggest you get to work and try to sell it off during the winter. We are sure our tips will come handy to make your rig show-ready.

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