Basic caravan repairs for QLD motorhome owners

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Running a caravan can be a very pleasurable activity, but it is also something that requires a regular cost in the form of vehicle maintenance. If you have bought a brand-new caravan, then simple maintenance should be able to keep the vehicle going for many years to come, but when you buy second-hand there is always a risk that you will need to perform simple caravan repairs in QLD. While the majority of caravan repairs are beyond the ability of the average owner, there are a number of simple things that you can do to provide quick fixes for your caravan.

Cracked caravan roof

One of the most common problems in caravanning is the cracked roof. A cracking your roof can lead to problems with leaking inside the vehicle, and may also encourage the spread of dry rot, often associated with damp. In order to cut back on this issue immediately, you need to be able to fix that crack as soon as possible. There are a few simple things you can do in order to fix the roof yourself. The first thing you need to do is to clean the crack thoroughly. For smaller cracks, you will need to have patching cement for your caravan. Larger cracks require either fibreglass or plastic, which can be inserted into the crack, and then cement should be smoothed over the top. If the crack seems significant, or has radiated out, then you will need to call in a caravan repairs Gold Coast team who can fix this problem for you.

Troubleshooting water pipes and pumps

Another source of problems in your caravan will be the water pumps and pipe works. A common issue is that the water taps stop working. There are several steps you can take to solving this problem including removing the barrel or water container and checking that it is clean. Routinely rinsing out the containers will help to prevent unpleasant water tastes, and will also help to ensure that the water run smoothly. If the pump is not working, then you may want to inspect the fuses, and that it is turned on. Some submersible pumps need to be filled with water before they work. If you have tried these simple fixes, and still can’t operate your water system, then you should consider taking your caravan to a repairs expert so that it can be professionally fixed.

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