Tips to Buy the Right RV

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The prospective RV buyers need to understand that a vacation on wheel is ultimately the matter of personal aspirations. Every family has its unique travel needs and preferences. It does not make sense in buying a particular motor home just because a neighbor or a friend owns it. There are as many as seven types of RVs to choose from, which can be both confusing and daunting for the uninitiated. Making a note of your specific travel needs and objectives will make it easier for you to choose from so many RV types.

Start your planning by finding out the answers to the following questions:

What type of RV vacation I am looking forward to—a short, week end trip, a long or an extra long trip spanning several months?

How often do you plan to hit the roads on your RV?

What are the numbers of friends/ family members that are expected to join you on the trip?

What are the things that you are planning to carry along with you?

What kind of roads you are planning to drive through?

Where do you plan to camp?

Once you have got the answers to all these questions, it will be easier for you to figure out which type of RV to go buy.

Class A Motor home:

This happens to be the most luxurious, the most comfortable and the most expensive version of RV. These fully self-contained, luxury feature-packed coaches are just perfect for the extra long road trips.

Class B motor home:

Easy to drive and park and extremely fuel-efficient, these vehicles are popularly known as camping vans. These types of RVs are especially loved small families planning to take up a multi-week road trip.

Class C motor home:

A hybrid between Class A and Class B, class C motor homes are perfect for long weekend trips. They are available in different sizes ranging from 20 to 40 feet.

Travel trailer:

Lightweight and sturdy at once, the trailer can easily be towed by different types of vehicles including SUVs and minivans. Thus trailers are hugely popular among the campers. Who often leave the trailer in the camping parks and use the tow vehicle to wander around.

Fifth-wheel trailer:

These are fit for long distance travel and especially fir for the journeys through the mountainous landscapes.

Pop-Up Trailer?:

Equipped with a pop-up or folding trailer, this is the smallest member of the trailer family. These RVs make perfect choice for the families on budget.

SURV Trailer:

Hugely popular among the avid cyclists and mountain bikers and water sports enthusiasts, these Sport Utility RVs let you haul your “toys” like cycle, water sports craft or other equipment in a separate garage area built in the rear.

Truck Camper?:

one advantage with this class of vehicle is :from cliffs to seaside, truck camper can go where Class A Motor homes can’t. The higher end models come complete with luxury features of a Class A vehicle.

It is going to be a big purchase. Take your time and do your research until you find out the one that satisfies all your travel needs. Take your time, do your research and you know for sure which rv to buy.


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