Understanding The Need For Custom Wheel Adapters For Your Vehicles

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Your vehicle’s wheel attachment lugs come with a specific that in most likelihood is not going to match when you wish to change the wheels and fit it with other after fits available in the market. The options were very few earlier, and there had to be modifications made on the vehicles for fitting different wheels, or you were forced into using the wheel of the same configuration. But science and technology keep making their advancement to make life easier and simpler for people. The wheel adapters accommodate wheels of other makes.

Changing the lug configurations

The wheel adapter helps you to change the bolt pattern that is inbuilt in your vehicle’s hub to that of the present one that you need. The availability of the custom wheel adapters will then enable you to mount the wheels of other specifications. These gears are made such that they have multiple lug holes that will attach to the wheels of any make. To make things simpler, take the example of an adapter lug holes that will enable the changing of the 5 – 4.50 inches to 5 – 4.75 inches or even 5 – 5.00 inches and also the other way round. It is the lugs in the adapter that makes the difference.

With no body modifications

The best part of using the wheel adapters is that you do not have to make any modificationto your vehicle body. All you need to do is use the adapter and bolt it up with the rim for appropriate alignment of the new wheels. When the need arises, you can conveniently remove the adapter by taking out the bolts and restore the factory set up without having to touch the body of your vehicle. This way the resale value of your vehicle is not going to be affected due to the tampering of any original body parts or configurations.

The two-piece adapter

When you have the wheels that require a different number of lugs, for example, you have a five lug rim and will have to convert it to a four lughub, you will be in need of custom wheel adapters that come in two pieces. The base part will get attached to the hub of your vehicle and have the lugs free for attaching the top or the second part that will, in turn, become the rim for attaching the new wheels. The heels with the four lugs will then easily fit with the outer part of the adapter to give your vehicle the perfect smooth movement.

Cost-effective alternative to expensive wheels

Adding the wheel adapters naturally gives you a large choice of wheels that are readily available in the market and will bring you a lot of savings. The factory fitted wheels that have definitive configuration built on the rim are more expensive than those that are available in the market but have the same performance, strength and durability. The use of the adapters will ensure that you can conveniently fix any such product in the market. Adding the adapters and different wheels will give you the same mileage and smooth running of the vehicle as that of the factory fit.

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